Late Night Parenting

I’m finding more and more that not only am I a “night person” I am also a “night parent.”
It’s hard to explain so I wrote it as a poem. (what a shock, right?)

Not my usual bag for poetry, this subject, but I’m branching out…

Late Night Parent

it is here
in these small hours
cicadas provide the soundtrack
the breeze
cool now
untouched by the sun

it is here
in this moment
of waking
with the cry
of the bad dream
or leg cramping
or croup coughing

it is here
the late night parent
finds her niche
calm and patient
the soothing voice
otherwise unavailable
during the day
over the din

it is here
that she is most at ease
and directed
and ready
to bring remedy
with no reservation

and it is here
that I,
while on night shift
thank God
with each forehead kiss
and each whispered assurance
that everything will be


3 thoughts on “Late Night Parenting

  1. A very soothing poem, Mrs. M. I can’t really relate though. I normally get pissed when I have to be a night parent. I will try to keep this poem in mind and see if I can become better at that role.

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