Beckoning Beauty

I’m still high on my Scott Cairns encounter a couple of weeks ago. The “poem” below comes from his book, “Love’s Immensity” in which he translates and adapts the works of early church Christian mystics. I love this stuff…take this one slow and let it slide over you a few times before deciding what you “think” about it.

Beckoning Beauty
St. Denys the Areopagite (translated and adapted by Scott Cairns)

It is forever so-
unvarying, unchanging-
beautiful but not
as something
coming into birth
or falling into death,
and not as what
might grow or might
decay, nor is it
beautiful now and otherwise then.
It is in itself and of itself
the uniquely and eternally
beautiful, and the great creating
cause that bekons
all creation, and holds
all things in the pulse
of its existence,
bears them, keeps them
by the longing within them
to share in what it is- which is
to say, to share in what is beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Beckoning Beauty

  1. AH I have vague memories from my historical studies of St Denys of Paris and dionysius the areopagite who were I think seperate characters but who were brought together so long ago they have become indistinguishable. St Denys was apparently beheaded on the highest hill in Paris (now Montmartre) and apprently after beheading he calmly picked up his head and walked of preaching the gospel as he went !

    Still who cares about the historical detail – it is a stunning and beautiful piece of writing – Has your poet crush boy any others like it – if so do share …..


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