Radical thought: Do Something Productive

I have walked by the same pile of laundry every day for a week.  It is clean, folded and ready to go to it’s home in the kids’ drawers upstairs.  One flight of stairs.  One pile of clean laundry.  One week.

Every time I walk by the pile of laundry I look at it, make a mental note to take it upstairs and effectively snub it for the moment.

I googled “procrastination” the other day hoping that there was some sort of herbal supplement or prescription drug available to overcome this malady.  One site had the “cure for procrastination” so I went there.  The cure, it stated was to “do something productive.”

there you go.  why didn’t I think of that?

So, the radical thought for this week…”do something productive.”



2 thoughts on “Radical thought: Do Something Productive

  1. I keep meaning to do something about my terrible tendency to procrastinate but I never seem to get round to it!

    Oh ho ho.

    You and me both. I put the pile of laundry away yesterday but it had been waiting for me to do so for 3 whole weeks.

    Yep, you ain’t the only one lady!



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