facts about jimmy

For no reason whatsoever I wanted to put this vid up today.  I love that Shawn Colvin…a whole, whole lot.  These lyrics have been in my head a lot lately so I thought I’d put this up.  It’s one of my favorite Shawn Colvin tunes and of course Chris Botti, is an amazing musician as well…amazing.


3 thoughts on “facts about jimmy

  1. That Shawn Colvin record is definitely in my Top 10. I mean, if I actually had a Top 10, it would be. But I’m not David Letterman, or one of those guys in High Fidelity, so I don’t really need one.

    Lyle Lovett’s BGV’s on that track are so gorgeously understated, too.

    So much to love about that song and that record. It totally deserved the Album of the Year that it won in 1998.

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