Do Mrs Metaphor a Favor…

Have I mentioned my vastly talented sister and her rockin’ band to you people before? Well, I’m mentioning them to you today.  They are most awesome.  

They have a shot at Lollapalooza this year…a long shot because they entered late but take a listen to their stuff on the site and then, if it so pleases you (and I know that it will because, well…they rock…) then take a moment to vote them into the top 100 bands vying for position.

This comes from my sis for your added motivation:
Lollapalooza. It’s a huge music festival that has a contest every year where local bands can win a spot on one of the stages. It’s massive. Huge, awesome, amazing. Anyway- I submitted our band and all we have to do to get past the first round is stay in the top 100 bands in votes. Now, we’re a little late to enter– just today… so we need to catch up. But the bands in the bottom of the 100 are only at around 250 votes…so we CAN DO IT!!! Ok here is the link to vote… send it to people who believe in making great things happen… and — of course vote yourself!! Post it on blogs… we need a full on campaign!!! 


thank you for your time and energy in this matter. : )


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