People like us

True Stories is by far one of my most favorite movies in the whole entire world. “People like us” is one of my most favorite songs in the whole entire world. I was reminded today of this clip so I thought I’d put it out there. In the film, Swoosie Kurtz is a woman who never leaves her bed…not because she CAN’T…more because she is so rich she can afford to have everything done for her, so…she has no REASON to leave it…until, as you see in this clip, something compels her.
(sorry to be a spoiler on that Jude…see the movie ANYWAY…)

This whole thing speaks to that desperate inner place we all hold, myself in particular. It’s not a romantic notion, it is a desire for community, finding my tribe. Who are my people? Where are the people like us?

The clouds roll by and the moon comes up
How long must we live in the heat of the sun
Millions of people are waitin on love
And this is a song about people like us

People like us
(who answer the telephone)
People like us
(growing big as a house)
People like us
(gonna make it because)
We dont want freedom
We dont want justice
We just want someone to love.


1 thought on “People like us

  1. Wow. Since I haven’t seen the rest of the film it’s like she ordered him like a pizza, put on a wedding dress and went straight back to bed.

    Maybe I DO want to be like Swoozie Kurtz!


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