grade school theology

True conversation at my house tonight as the boys sat in bed. Transcribed for your edification:

Henry (6): “Mom, what do you think about it if God would just make us so we don’t fight?”

Chet (7.5): (exasperated) Henry, God made us this way so we’d have to CHOOSE to do the right thing.

Henry: I am asking mom, Chet!

Chet: We’re supposed to LEARN how to get along. That’s why He made us like this.

Henry: Hey, Chet…you know how else God made us? Look at this. (turns his head to look over his shoulder)

Chet: (does the same) What?

Henry: He didn’t make us so we can turn our heads all the way around. We can only turn them this far.

Chet: Huh. yeah.

end scene.

Now, I don’t know about you but I believe that is just laden with metaphorical implications. I’ll just leave you to ponder that.

as you were…


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