it is nearing dusk
the sun…going down
i suppose
i’m only guessing
since the clouds, blushing violet and gray
hid that sun deep
as it made it’s
journey to the other side
of the world.

with the mist rolling to a stop
hanging just above the trees
in pregnant pause
and the lightning
tracing the faint echos
of cumulus outlines

while the fireflies begin
their blinking luminary dance
around the prairie grass
the last vestiges of obscured
but implied
daylight wane

it is then
that i remember fairy stories
and wonder
what ever became
of that magic.


1 thought on “magic

  1. I have found that magic again through my daughter. It is wonderful to see that she still believes in fairies and delights at the thought of them. From time to time she will write a note to the fairies and leave it beside her bed. Sometimes the fairies will write back.

    We have also been reading the new fairy series by Disney, the illustrations are so beautiful.

    **Sprinkling fairy dust on your blog.**

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