What makes me beautiful?

I was in Target today and I came across this little pink sign in a lovely frame which read:

To be confident
is to be beautiful

At first I was taken with the sign. It was attractive; pink wood frame, interesting embellishments on the pink textured paper. I thought it might look nice in Riley’s room. I wanted to remind her that beauty was not based on mere physicality, especially now that she is in that pre-teen stage of her life. I placed the sign in my cart and took it out again three or four times. There was something about that sentiment that just did not sit well with me. So in the end I put it back on the shelf.

I’ve been considering beauty for a while now and often it seems that just when I have it boiled down something comes along to press me further into the examination and the appreciation of what it means to be beautiful.

This is where I went as I continued down the aisle toward the bath towels and bed sheets… Does being confident really equal being beautiful? What about being kind? Doesn’t being Kind trump being Confident?

So I’ve decided we’re to make a list. This is your assignment this week. I will start the list for us of that which makes us beautiful and would like you to add to it through comments.

I’ll admit that yes, confidence is attractive and mixed in with a few other things can in fact make us more beautiful so that will make the list.

Ready then? Here we go.

being just

I believe there are many, many more but I’d really like to hear your additions to the list. What makes us beautiful?


7 thoughts on “What makes me beautiful?

  1. Laughter
    Does that sound bizarre? That’s my first answer though… laughter. Everyone looks better when they are smiling/laughing and how often do you hear that a woman fell in love with a man because of his sense of humor despite his looks. And being with a happy person makes you happy.

  2. hospitality …. preferably in the form of a good dinner party. Good food, wine and the conversation where we all lean in , elbows on the table and share our lives . That Mrs M is a beautiful and indeed sacramental thing.

  3. Compassion. A kind heart brings true beauty. As they say beauty is only skin deep, but kindness and compassion go to the soul.

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