Where we’ve been…

I’m honestly not a terribly “craft-ish” person. I’ve tried knitting and it stresses me out. I’ve tried jewelry making and my motor skills leave something to be desired. Sewing on almost any level will often cause injury when entrusted to me.

I made cards for a while thanks to my friend Dina who I love more than air sometimes. She and I still joke that she is my “Stampin Up Drug Pusher” friend. Stampin never really held my attention enough. I just found that I hadn’t the time or the patience to keep at it.

The only thing I have felt any peace with has been, hold on to your hats…scrapbooking.

Yes, indeed. I’m not quite as crazy over it as some of the other moms I know but I do enjoy taking the piles and piles and piles of photos I have stacked up in large plastic storage bins and putting them onto a page. My pages are simple. A coupla photos, cropped to remove evidence of my crappy photography skils set against a background and a line or two to give context. Once in a while if I’m “croppin” with other ladies I’ll add an embellishment (and feel quite proud of it I must say.)

I’ve not picked up my croppin’ stuff for a while. Part of the draw for me in scrapbooking is coming together with some other friends and spending an evening with a glass of wine, some snacks and conversation interspersed with, “Oh, wow….remember this trip?”

Since I moved from Chicago I’ve missed out on our monthly crop circles. So, I really have not spent much time on my books. Today, though, I pulled out all of my scrapbooks because I’m moving things around in my room and sat for an hour just leafing through them. I found myself in tears, remembering the trips, the holidays, the friends and family with whom we shared them.

Perhaps what I love more than actually scrapbooking is in fact, the reminiscing.

I know, it’s not usually my style to wax nostalgic here at Mrs Metaphor but I do have this weepy side and here it is for you to see. All this to say that today this is where my head and heart are at….looking at where we’ve been and it just makes me a little homesick.

It’s been difficult to build a community down here but I do see it coming…it does seem to be gathering. Perhaps in a few years I’ll find myself leafing through the albums that show the fruit of the time spent here and the faces of the people with whom we share it.

I hope so.


3 thoughts on “Where we’ve been…

  1. Oh, I know this one. I am up in Wisconsin, and I didn’t scrap for two years, and just started again. It’s a great sense of “it’s done” for me, and also it’s nice to look back and remember the fun you have had.

    Go slowly. I’m not sure where you are living, but be gentle with yourself and remember to go on walks. I meet the nicest people that way.

  2. I have never been able to scrapbook. I just feel agitated with all of the paper everywhere and then where do I store the scrapbook. I have my pics on CD now. Maybe I should glue some fancy stuff on the outside of the CD case.

    I’m a beader. I tried Knitting (Actually I call it knotting, I generally make terrible knots in the wool). Sewing I absolutely hate, I tried. I there with you on the injury thing. I love my glue gun though, too bad I couldn’t glue clothes together because if I could I would have a haute couture wardrobe đŸ™‚

  3. I have a son who loves his glue gun too. Unfortunately, it cant glue together the marriage that he was a ring bearer for or the pictures that were deleted from our camera of our youngest daughter’s baby dedication.

    Mrs. M this wont come as a surprise to you….but “scrapbooking” does it for me as well. Well it is really the telling of stories….not only journaling about where we have been but who I am…who we are as a family. The paper and stickers are fun but it is the connections that are made and re-made when I scrapbook. Our stories are important and sharing them helps us embrace the future and celebrate the past.

    I pray that some day you will see some fruit to where God has planted you in this season and celebrate it as well. Hope is a good thing….another thing that makes us beautiful!

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