Anyone else but you…

I’ve been thinking recently that I would dearly love to be able to sit on a stoop somewhere and play guitars with a friend (or two or six.) This was ignited in me after seeing the final scene from Juno. If you haven’t seen the film then first of all, rent it because it’s awesome and secondly…this might be a spoiler a bit but it’s a good tune so watch it anyway.

Maybe one day when we move out of the country and into a neighborhood I can entice my guitar playing friends to come over, sit on the stoop and play. I’d really like that, I really would.


1 thought on “Anyone else but you…

  1. Well, I for one, wouldn’t mind hearing you sing again. You have a beautiful voice.

    Aw, gosh WC, Thanks! I’ll take that compliment, blushing all the while.
    : )
    Mrs M

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