Radical Thought: Paying Compliments

I have this little rule that I try to live by. I never pay a compliment I cannot afford, meaning, that I do not pay idle compliments. I happen to think that words are powerful and truth telling is important. While idle compliments might not be lies, they are at the very least a cheap use of one’s words.

If compliments are currency then I suggest that you pay only with cash. The real stuff. What you have in your pocket or what you keep in the bank. It’s authentic.

Bartering might work for a short time but frankly giving a compliment should never be dependent upon receiving one in return so this may pose problems.

Credit is how we are all tempted at one time or another. We borrow against what we think we MIGHT see in someone but over time all we accumulate in the end is debt we cannot afford.

Counterfeit currency is the probably the worst of all the non-cash transactions. These are compliments which are simply not true. We pay them freely and feel we’ll never be caught but alas, lies do always catch up to us and at some point along the way we are found out.

I am not saying in all of this that we should be miserly with compliments, just authentic. What this does is it forces us to really look and listen to the people we meet in the everyday. We find in those moments when we really look and listen that our bank account is much fuller than we imagined. We realize in that moment how much more we can afford to truly give.

So, my advice…make your words mean something and when giving compliments, pay only what is real. It will reward the receiver greatly and will make you rich beyond measure at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Radical Thought: Paying Compliments

  1. I couldn’t do it either. I hated warm chatting, because here you are handing out bogus compliments just to get business. I didn’t succeed at it either so don’t feel bad. A compliment is a verbal gift you give to someone freely without expectation of return.

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