Random Thing…

As my daughter ran up to me recently to ask me something I noticed how tall she’s gotten. She looks so grown up for 11 years old. I don’t know when that happened. I looked at my boys then and saw the same thing in them. The questions they were asking were blowing me away. I wanted to just soak it up and memorize every moment.

This one thought struck me and it stuck to me like glue. I’ve never been here before. I’ve been parenting now for 11 years and yet every day is new. They are each, all at once, the baby I carried and this brand new person I have yet to meet. They are so full of the now and the not yet.

I’ve never been here before…and that is going to keep happening over and over. It is terrifying and beautiful.

a great mystery.
a fine adventure.


3 thoughts on “Random Thing…

  1. MRS M – my daughter just turned 11 two weeks ago, I am going through the same things myself. I measured how tall she was and she is 5’1 1/2″, soon and I suppose by the end of the year she will be closing in on my height.

    I find it all terrifyingly beautiful as well. Every once in awhile when I go in to tuck the covers at night and give a kiss on the forehead, I can see the sleeping baby I brought home from the hospital. It makes me sad and happy at the same time, but it also makes me realize just how short the amount time is that we these wee nestlings.

    I find it extremely interesting talking with my daughter and listening to her opinions on issues and the questions she asks. I am still having a hard time every once in awhile answering the teenage stuff and seeing the changes in her, but I am sure we will all survive this part of the grand adventure.

    I just wish I could capture it all and savor it a bit more. Enjoy the moments they are so brief!

  2. Amen to you both! I have two eleven year old boys. They are tender, rude (at times), close, distant,…unpredictable. Each day is a new adventure…and some days I wish the road map was a bit more clear.

    Mrs M and HighHopes you may enjoy the post on my blog thinking through similar things. http://fivepennynicole.com/?p=82

    May you both walk with grace on this journey.

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