Cutting into Ordinary Time…

A few days ago I turned to Dave and said, “You know, I think basically I will just have to do laundry every day from here on out for the next, I dunno, 12 years or so. After that I might be able to only have to do laundry every couple of days.”

This got me to thinking about the things we do on a daily basis, things that ought not be left undone, the “quotidian” as it were. It feels to me these days that our entire culture is somehow geared toward ridding us of the every day. All of our modern conveniences are designed to reduce the number of things you have to do every day…there are devices now which will water your garden, feed your pet, even record your television shows so that you won’t have to do that on a specified day.

Where the convenience of it ought to bring comfort, it just disturbs me, really.

It’s not that I’m a glutton for punishment. Believe me, the mundane tasks of the everyday do not exude the “sacred” I hope for in the moment and yet, there is something to it. Something rewarding…elusive but rewarding.

I can’t help but feel that is the Deforestation of our lives. Who knew that losing so much of the world’s greenness would lead to so much difficulty down the line? (Don’t answer that, conspiracy theorists, that was a rhetorical question.) So in taking away the quotidian tasks, in stock-piling and reorganizing and automating our lives…what is it that we will have to trade? What will we be sacrificing?

I don’t have the answer at the ready…but I think the question is a good one for us to ponder. It’s a good place to start.


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