Everyday friend…

Back in Chicago I have many amazing friends…this one friend in particular came to mind the other day, though. I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend Paula, who I miss so much sometimes it actually physically hurts my heart. I’m humbled to say that this is true of a number of my closest friends up there in the cold north. How can any heart be so lucky? I don’t know.

I was thinking about Paula though not just because I miss her but because I’m terribly envious of something she has…or rather someone she is. She has and is an everyday friend. She and her friend Lisa live a few houses away from each other. They have known one another for a lot of years. I think they get to see and talk every day. Every day.

Living out here in the country obviously prohibits this but it doesn’t stop me from wishing I was and had an everyday friend. I’d like to have the kind of kitchen that invites a someone or lots of someones to visit anytime. I’d like to be a someone who would be welcomed in that way.

Am I the sort of person who can be an “everyday friend?” I’d like to be one. I’d like to be the sort of friend that someone would really want to live next door to, sit in the kitchen of, see on an everyday basis. In my bad moments I find it hard to believe that I could be that friend. Am I interesting enough, patient enough, transparent enough to be an everyday friend? Am I enough?

I know that I’m needy enough…lol…I know that I would not only like to be an everyday friend but to have one….or six. I know that I am missing this.

And that’s where I am today…articulating a little further the person I want to be in the world. I want to be an everyday friend. As we determine where we’ll go after this extended vacation in the wilderness, whether it be back to Chicago or into Nashville proper this is where my heart lives…ready to be expanded again, ready to become an everyday friend.


9 thoughts on “Everyday friend…

  1. Mrs M….my heart and soul are right there with you friend. Funny…but my dear friend who got me started on facebook…is becoming that ….the crazy thing is that she is now in GA and I am in WI. I know that sometimes we need the physical closeness….but with the internet, cell phones….those every day friendships are more likely.

    Love to you.

  2. it really is a dream of mine to one day be your neighbors. we would sit in each other’s kitchens all the time. our kids would get all kinds of and loud and giggly and muddy. it would be fabulous. love you (and i just might follow you to the cold cold north).

  3. I love this post! I have had this same desire for a while now. I feel so isolated from my friends at times. I cant decide if that has more to do with emotional distance or physical distance.

    My friend Jamie directed me to your blog. I’m so glad she did because your thoughts are inspiring!

  4. I love this post as well! It struck a chord in my heart. Unfortunately, I don’t have an everyday friend, one who can sit in my kitchen and tottle tea with me or watch our kids play. Urban sprawl has changed all of this. We no longer have the close knit communities we used to have, people are afraid to let others too close nowadays.

    I tend to have a few very close friends, one close enough that I would call her a sister and she is so very dear to me. We don’t always need to be physically close, we talk on the phone, email each other and get together as much as we can. In a way though she is an everyday friend, because no matter how near or far I know she will always be there and would come at the drop a hat if I needed her and vice versa. So I guess just knowing that she and I have this bond is enough.

    Mrs it would be lovely if you could sit in my kitchen and have tea, I think it would be very interesting indeed and joyous.

  5. For me I think it’s better to have a few VERY close friends than tons of so and so friends! I also would love to sit and have tea with ya too!!!!

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