So much love

When I was pregnant with my second child I remember being excited but also there was this nagging sense of fear.  I worried that I would not have enough room in my heart for another child.

I discovered at the moment my son was born that the heart is a remarkable thing; resilient, forthright, expansive, unending. The love was almost too much to bear I was so filled by it.

I talk about love a great deal. I do not demonstrate it in real life as often as I’d like, honestly, but I’m working on it. The essential thing about humans though, I think, is love. There is so much of it. So much available. So much ready to give. So much ready to be given. We never need to look for an alternative fuel source for the heart because as long as we demonstrate and in turn accept kindness and mercy and peace and joy and sacrifice and service one to another we create this perpetually refilling basin…a vein of gold which never ceases.

Can we have too much love?
Not the marred version of love that we are fed by media or culture but the real thing;
The moment with our selves when we breathe soft and full.
The moment with a child when we greet tears of gratitude.
The moment with a lover when we know we are known.
The moment with a friend when we grieve and heal.
The moment with our Creator when we know we are loved because we are made;
fearfully, wonderfully made.

Can we have too much love?
Can we give too much love?
That is a noble question to pursue. A research project which can only bear fruit.


4 thoughts on “So much love

  1. Hi – I just clicked through to you from Angela (above) and needed to let you know that I think this post is just perfection. So poetic and beautifully written!

  2. caught this through Angela’s blog and paused at the thought and posed questions… Abide and bear fruit. there’s an old song that says “without love you ain’t nothin”

    Abide. thanks for the reminder.

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