Radical Thought: Making Room…

I feel overwhelmed. All the time. Whether it’s the housework or the schoolwork or the heartwork…it’s overwhelming. The world crowds in on me. The culture crowds in and I live in the middle of freakin’ nowhere so I have to think that it’s crowding in on you as well so I thought I’d write about that.

I’ve been thinking, quite a lot lately about the idea of making room. I’ve been preparing for a move that is as of yet undetermined but nonetheless inevitable. I’m throwing things away and boxing things. I’m giving things to charity and to friends. When I look around a room after this I see the spaces those “things” left behind and I am happy for that. I delight in the empty spaces. There is so much possibility, so much hope in empty spaces when viewed with the proper lens.

As I thought on this I considered, emotionally, the idea of being crowded…having no room at the Inn as it were. I know what it feels like to clean out old stuff in my heart…in my head…in my psyche. It feels good to throw away something destructive I’ve been clinging to. It helps to have other people help me appraise the stuff in my metaphorical attic…what is cash and what is trash…it helps to clear things away and make some room.

Of course this empty space will get filled again over time, some good things, some not so good. All I can hope is that my taste in emotional furniture is improving.


3 thoughts on “Radical Thought: Making Room…

  1. Michael Card says something to the effect of: “It’s hard to imagine the freedom you’ll find from the things that you leave behind.”

    A complementary thought from U2, of course, is that “Love is not the easy thing…But the only baggage you can bring…is all that you can’t leave behind.”

    I’ve gone through a season of purging “stuff” lately, myself — literally and figuratively — and it truly is liberating. Good thoughts, Mrs M., as always.

  2. Ms Metaphor,

    Why is it that I find myself wanting to blog, then I mindlessly click myself over to your blog, and I want to blog “go read THIS blog…” This is the second time this has happened missy.

    In some kindred way, you have this lovely ability to post what I was “meaning” to say. You are such a thoughtful writer, a wise thinker and it seems that you’ve placed your bets on the things that matter. I’m glad we share names and hope to also share stories, laughs and smack talk someday soon!

    Really lovely post.

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