*heavy sigh*

In times like this…times of clashing politics and world gone mad…I keep to the sidelines and hope for the best. My inner idealist gets kicked to the curb an awful lot it seems. I had this whole political rant planned and may yet bring it out of the long dark closet of my brain but for now I will cling to my youth and fade into a moment of nostalgia while sipping an ice cold beverage.


3 thoughts on “*heavy sigh*

  1. wow, that clip brought back memories ! I try very much to stay on the sidelines, but Sarah has me all fired up again. No, she is NOT running for President, but of the four, she’s my pick. McCain’s speech last night was uninspiring, but I expected as much. Time will tell. Only time will tell.

  2. Thanks for the uplifting trip down memory lane, if I may use a metaphor.

    Seems with Obama and his liberal spending spree we have much to worry about. The tea parties give me some hope, but I really think it will take a traumatic event to wake us up from the 50 year trance we’ve been in, that is, 50 years of revisionist history being taught in the public schools.

  3. Of course, I strongly encourage the use of metaphor on this blog!

    I will say though, just to be clear that I don’t mind President Obama’s “liberal spending” frankly. I voted for him, quite proudly, in fact. I’m confused about the “revisionist history” comment…I’m unsure what you are referencing, Sharon.

    I’m not looking for political debate on this blog, however. Just wanted to be certain you understood my stance here.

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