sweeter than this…

I discovered Katie Herzig’s music a few months ago…ok I admit, once again that I have well connected, hip friends who know good music and they are very kind in sharing the love.

So I’m sharing too because that’s just the kind of Mrs that I am.

Here’s the thing I’ll tell you today. Sometimes when I hear new music that knocks me out I am nailed to the floor for a minute or two with the enormity of it all. How can there be ONE MORE song I love so much? How can it be? It’s just one more reason to believe in God as far as I am concerned.

I want a garden and you want a coke,
Living is simple when love isn’t broke
You can fix anything, with a kiss


2 thoughts on “sweeter than this…

  1. Katie and I rode in our friend D’s VW Golf from Denver to Nashville a few years back. Now all three of us live here.

    They’re both TREMENDOUSLY more successful than I am right now.

    Ah, the Siren song of Nashville…

  2. Carlen, you make a difference for the good in your students’ lives *every single day.* THAT, my friend, puts you high on the list of “successful” people.

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