Radical Thoughts: Model Grace

I was driving today and I felt a real sense of shame over a conversation I had recently. I trashed somebody and it was appallingly uncalled for. Here is the sticky slope…the person I was speaking to also had an issue with this mutual friend. We were basically dishing about a problem we both had had with this person.

It was not loving. It was not edifying. It was not gracious.

It was wrong.

Perhaps choosing someone who also had an issue with this friend was validating…but it was stolen validation. It was counterfeit.

I did go to this friend and make apology for my actions. I feel horribly about this. And no, it’s not you…so don’t sweat it, please.

I do my best, truly, to walk in grace. I do. This is why it tears me up when I behave this way. I know I am forgiven and that I am still loved when I catch this stuff and come to repentance. I just was thinking today though that above all else I wish I would model grace.

When someone does me wrong I want to model grace. I know there is a moment for justice and a moment for grief in this and yet, in speaking with other people this is not what is required. I want most to model grace because I think this is what leads back to love…not dishing, not trashing, not hating…none of this leads to love. It just doesn’t.

So, this is our radical thought this week…model grace. Choose the path to love. This is where we have to walk no matter how rocky the path. yes?


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