clothe yourself in love…

I am not entirely sure if I am imagining this but I have to say that I get an awful lot of snark and judgement from friends who are voting differently from my choice of presidential candidate lately. Not ALL of my friends, mind you but, erm…a whole LOT of them. They are, strangely enough, ALL professed Christians to boot.

I wonder what that is about.

I guess I am a little taken aback at some of the things that are said to me, to my face and via email when I tell them my voting choice for November. Jokes (mean ones at that), implications that my candidate is a member of Al Queda or Muslim (and meaning that as “Satan lover” rather than merely an expression of faith, mind boggling to me) or even, honestly, saying that he is the Anti-Christ.

Now, frankly I do find the other candidate to be unsavory. That is my impression of him but that is not why I choose to vote in another direction. I do have my reasons but I do not defend my choice to these friends. They do not ASK me why. They seem content to TELL me what they think of my choice and to defend their own choice.

I leave conversations like this confused…not about my choice of candidate…but about my friendships, about my choice in “organized” faith structures. Don’t get me wrong, I still love these friends immensely, with great deepness and grace and I still love my Jesus, with the greatest deepness and faith. What I am unsure of is WHY this judgement presents and how that can possibly reconcile with the words of Christ. I just don’t understand.

Now, if in response to my post you feel defensive of your choice I’d ask this. Stop for a moment. Ask yourself why that is…I’m not saying you are wrong in your choice….NOT AT ALL…I’m merely saying that by examining your defensive stance you may understand more about yourself and in so doing, perhaps you will be able to cast that stance away…and perhaps be able to be present…to listen…to hear….to love more fully.

I do not expect everyone of my friends to love my choice of candidate but I do require them to respect me and to love me in that moment. Part of that for me is to toss off the defensive coat, the suit of armor as it were and take up the mantle of love and respect…to be clothed in it.

that is what I require.


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