I am…

Writerchick turned me on to this meme and it reminded me of an assignment a friend’s son did for his gradeschool…and I thought it must be a song….

so I decided to do this meme as an exercise…it still may become a song someday but for now it’s just a meme.

I am: in this moment
I think: far too much
I know: there is a God
I have: more than I know
I wish: I could keep my temper
I hate: to be rejected
I miss: old dear friends
I fear: being misunderstood
I hear: more than words
I crave: affirmation
I search: for higher things
I wonder: what I will be when I grow up
I regret: things undone
I love: to open my heart
I ache: to seek God’s face
I am not: afraid of living
I believe: I’m wonderfully made
I dance: to show I’m happy
I sing: to prove I’m here
I cry: with great abandon
I fight: to lift us all up
I win: when love wins
I lose: when I’m unkind
I never: want to give up
I always: speak my mind
I confuse: days of the week
I listen: for what’s unspoken
I can usually be found: around the corner
I am scared: of being found out
I need: to know I’m loved
I am happy: to remember to breathe
I imagine: when I am old


1 thought on “I am…

  1. “I’m scared of being found out” What a great one. I know that one very well myself. This is more like a song or poem than a meme. Wonderful job Mrs. M and good to see you. How goes it?

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