i wake
feeling safe and warm
the dream
constant upon my tongue
comes easily to my head

the day wears on
i feel it slip away
like ice melting
in the heat of my hand

and so I ask
the question
is it real?

He answers in a whisper
cool like air from the east
after a storm

“You belong to me.
You have always belonged to me.
Before time began I began you.
In you, I placed Myself
When you breathed you breathed me
and when you spoke you spoke me,
and when you slept
you dreamed Me.
You are mine and I am yours.
Be with me,
speak me,
breathe me
dream me.
Here I am

with words that vibrate
as strings
strong cedars
in the deep
the dream comes back to me
feeling safe and warm
constant upon my heart


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