the waiting place…

I’m not sure I’ve posted this song before but it came to mind this morning so I thought I’d post it for you. Over the next couple days I’d like to explain why I wrote it, what it means. I don’t usually spend a lot of time telling the “why” of my work preferring to let the listener find themselves in it but these days I’m reflecting upon some friendships and this has struck a chord with me.

This song really details the relationship I had with my older brother, my younger brother and my dad about 15 years ago. Each verse speaks to the way we were relating at the time and as I reflect on it today it brings to mind where we are now, which is better, truly and yet, there is always a form of the waiting place for me…so, with that rambling I’ll post the song and then I’ll tell you more as the days wear on.

Of all the places I have been
I know this one so well
I can’t imagine how I find myself
here so often
I can’t imagine what comes over me


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