Hope wins.

It just does.

My hope now is that the people of this country can come together post-campaign insanity and to put things back in place.  It’s not the job of the president or truly, ANY of our elected leaders to be our mommies and daddies, people.  They do in fact, work for us.  It is OUR job to work on this.  You have a voice, all the time..not just when CNN calls to poll you on your choice of presidential candidate.

Use it.

So let’s stop the bellyaching and move onto rebuilding our country, shall we?


3 thoughts on “Hope wins.

  1. A few posts ago you asked us to submit a metaphor (not a simile). I didn’t get around to responding, but I have a great one now.

    Let me preface it by saying I didn’t vote for Obama OR McCain, but I am satisfied with our new President. Like you, I have hope for our future again.

    When I woke up to three inches of fluffy snow this morning, I made this connection:

    The snow is one giant reset button. All the ugliness of the campaign, the worry and fear and hatred is now behind us. The future is a vast whiteness just waiting to be reshaped. Today, the snow is beautiful. It’s welcome.

    It’s peace.

  2. Well said. That’s the way it should be, but I think some people in this country lost sight of the fact that the elected officials DO work for us. We must keep them accountable all the time.

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