soul mates…

Sometimes I think that life is what happens while I’m waiting for another page to load on the internet.  This is a sad confession, truly.  I’d love to be able to multitask well enough to stand up and wander off to do the dishes while I wait for our horribly slow, overtaxed satellite provider to erm, provide me with a fast connection.  “It’s still better than dial up” I tell myself but frankly it’s been so long since I was on dial up that I’m not certain that’s really true.  It gives me a good excuse to procrastinate though and maybe fall into a rant or two.

I have not been terribly inclined to write lately.  Wait, that’s not quite accurate.  I’ve been inspired to write, I’ve had a multitude of ideas in fact.  They are like little voices in my head that I cannot silence.  They sound a lot like the little voices of my kids when they all need something at once.  They begin in whispers of “wouldn’t it be cool if” and “you know what I’m thinking today…well” and then they progress before too long into shouts.  “Listen to me!  Write me down! You’ll forget!” I do in fact forget. ack.

I used to think that a REALLY good idea would never go away, that it would just remain in me, come back to me when I called to it, like a soul mate waiting in the wings for the timing to be right.  I’ve come to discover, however as my friend Bananie assures me, “the muse is real” and that I should pay attention to that and that yes, good ideas do sort of fade away.  

Maybe they don’t really fade away.  Maybe they just move onto the next open space in the great creative parking lot of the collective unconscious looking for another date.  

Then again.  It’s nice to think that these great ideas are really mine and that they’ll come home when they realize how good they had it, in the dark recesses of my warm and nurturing brain…waiting their turn for a moment in the light.  For now, perhaps it would serve me to at least carry a notebook around, just in case.


1 thought on “soul mates…

  1. Remember, as Anne Lamott says, “Always carry a pen.” Otherwise, when God looks down to see who to give that great idea to, He’ll skip you and say, “No, I’m gonna give this one to little Annie Lamott. She’s got a pen.”

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