everyone plays…

A while ago my mom told me about a book called, “You can’t say you can’t play” which I confess I never got around to getting much less reading.

And yet…the idea of it was fantastic enough in some respects.  I love this idea.  Everyone gets to play when they come to my house (yes, adults are expected to have fun nicely too.)  

Since my kids are homeschooled they spend A LOT of time together with me as referee.  Of course, they get down time, alone time, whatever but for the most part the rule at my house is such that if someone says, “Can I play too?” the answer is “yes.”

In fact, if I don’t hear “yes” fast enough I will bellow out, “What’s the rule, guys?” and they will answer with well rehearsed, “everyone gets to play.”

Maybe some of you will think that’s controlling and unrealistic on my part. That’s ok with me.  If it is then I’ll learn my lesson at some point but in the meantime I just think that for most of our lives we will get the bitter reality of “no.”  At my house, at least, you will not suffer that.  Yes, they’ll get it somewhere…but not in my house.


1 thought on “everyone plays…

  1. My mom had this rule when I was a kid, and to be honest, I’d totally forgotten about it until I read your post.

    Aside from all the life lessons they’ll learn about interacting with others, rest assured that your children will remain close through life, viewing each other as the best of friends, and not merely siblings.

    We are embracing (well, the kids won’t, but that’s what makes it necessary!) this new rule at my house… TODAY!

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