deep calling…

It’s not a poem. I don’t know what it is except…a need to write it down.

I know why deep calls to deep. See it there, your small voice in a dark place. It’s important to be there, this is something your soul knows. This is where it must be right now.

Light up above. It is there. It feels just within reach some days. Other days it is a mere speck, like a star in the sky; silent, present, watching.

Calling up toward the light your voice will carry. The light hears it. “Come up” it says softly, “when you are ready.”

But it’s important to be here right now. Sit and listen.
Sing a small song while you wait, a lamentation, a peaceful, mournful tune.

Another voice joins from outside, from within.
You didn’t even know you were looking for it until it came, did you?

But you are glad of it. It’s dark in here. It’s hard to feel alone. It’s good to hear another voice, calling from the deep. It’s good to know you are not alone.
It’s important fuel….

for the journey up.


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