I have this little habit of using the word “and.” Ok, yes, I know we all use the word “and.” I just happen to like to use it when most people expect a “but.”

I picked this up from my wise friend Paula. It struck me hard and stuck to me. I love it when that happens you know.

Here is an example:

I’m having lunch with a friend. She is lamenting about how hard things are with her kids right now. My response is this-
“Wow you know it sounds like things are really rough right now Joleen…AND I think you’re doing an awesome job with that whole parenting thing.”

I could easily have used “but” here…I chose not to.

“And” is inclusive. It means I’ve heard this first part. It means I’m not discounting just how hard things are. It means that there is HOPE regardless of the circumstance….not moving AGAINST the circumstance…moving WITH it.

It makes our lives a river instead of a flood.

It’s all a river…and we’re either working with it or fighting against it. The water is powerful and I know we can find our way if we put a mind to it.

Try using AND this week…see where it fits. See how it feels. See how it changes your perspective.


5 thoughts on “and…

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As one who often starts a sentence with “and” (grammatically incorrect, I know!), I am going to try doing your way, instead.

    “I used to do it another way, AND Mrs. M showed me the light.”

    Hey! It works! šŸ˜€

  2. Spot on. Language is amazing and the difference you can make with alterations that may seem fairly small is… well… pretty incredibly. Scarily it’s something I learned from writing sales puff and replying to letters of complaint. It’s amazing how using the right words can make all the difference to what is, essentially, the same statement!

    Good job.



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