crossing lines…

whatever your politics…whatever your hang ups about the man who takes office today as president of the United States…whether it’s the inaugural pricetag or the security measures…whatever you have coming in as Barack Obama takes office here is something important.

A line is crossed today. A very important line. The election of an African American man into the White House brings us to a new era. I don’t care what you have against this particular African American man…the line is still crossed. This is still an historical day in our country.

Today we have an opportunity to be a new kind of people…we have a chance to be the people we always had hoped we could be and leave behind us the wake of the people we once were. We have the chance to realize the vision held by so many, worked for by so many, died for by so many…

this is important. put aside your fear.
see at the VERY LEAST the chance we have ahead…
the line that will be crossed
and celebrate that.


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