the mirror


the mirror surprises me
when I lean in
close and intimate
it tells me more than I expect
and less than I hope
like a long time
no secrets can escape

it says that
I wear
my worry
on my brow
and dormant

I bring
my sadness
in my eyes
and longing

I carry
my dignity
in my chin
and strong

I model
my joy
in my smile
with abandon

the mirror surprises me
with it’s candor
and care
and truth telling
and yet
I always go back
for more.

©2009 Angela Doll Carlson


1 thought on “the mirror

  1. I love how you’ve portrayed the mirror as friendly foe, AND unflinchingly honest. Had I not already seen pictures of you and known how you look, based on your self descriptions, I would have imagined *you*.

    Beautiful, beautiful post. As always.

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