sequence of events…

over the course of approximately 60 minutes this morning.

9:00am downloading a song for Riley whilst cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast

9:05am get called away by a mournful Chet who has just been stung by a bee (or something)

9:06am while attending to Chet, Riley interrupts to tell me that the download is finished and proceeds to ask about another song and how to burn the disc and how to do about 30 other things

9:08am finish up with Chet, looking for benedryl just in case and putting away some peanuts that seem to have come from nowhere

9:09am step on a few peanuts so I get the vacuum out

9:10am vacuuming peanuts and notice the goldfish squashed underfoot as well

9:11am asked by Dave to download the Quicken data

9:12am head to basement to download said data

9:15am interrupted downloading by Henry who informs me that there are “feathers” all over his room

9:20am head upstairs to check out this “feathers” thing

9:21am interrupted while going upstairs to attend to Chet who is still crying about the sting. Put some more “afterbite” on the sting.

9:22am asked in the midst of tears by Chet about whether I’ve seen his pocket knife to which I answer “no.”

9:23am forget about the feathers and finish vacuuming the kitchen floor because someone has decided to spill cereal all over the floor while I was downstairs

9:30am finally head upstairs after Riley tells me about the feather issue again

9:21am find that SOMEONE has decided to cut a silver dollar size hole in Miles’ down comforter

9:25am finish the initial feather vacuum and fold up the comforter to bring downstairs to sew up

9:26am interrupted by Chet who is lamenting the loss of his pocketknife…things start to click into place in my head

9:27am try to break up a fight between Chet and Miles about where the knife is located.

9:29am I head down to start to sew up the comforter before it bleeds any more feathers. I leave a trail of down on the way down.

9:31am Get my sewing kit out and ready to sew when I’m interrupted by Riley who is looking for a book.

9:35am Give up looking for the book when I realize that the boys are drifting very close to the damaged comforter

9:36am Start on the comforter again. It’s a pain in the arse to sew up a half dollar size hole in a comforter filled with real feathers. I mumble and grumble under my breathe as Chet and Miles chase each other around the room. Chet is still screaming about where Miles put his knife.

9:43am after much hole sewing I finally finish the darning and get the vacuum to get the trail of feathers.

9:45am Check Email and Twitter only to notice that once again the kitchen is wrecked.

9:50am finish putting away the stuff in the kitchen and head into the bedroom to fold up the comforter

9:55am Hear a dull thud when I shake out the comforter. Feel through til I find the thing which causes said “thud” and realize what happened to Chet’s pocketknife.

9:56am Chet runs in to my room to tell me that Miles confessed to the hiding place of his knife.

9:57am Rip open what I just sewed and pull out the *&^%&^$ knife.

9:59am Begin sewing anew to the echoing of kids fighting in the background.

Just wanted to put that down into writing so that I could fully comprehend the gravity of my work.


5 thoughts on “sequence of events…

  1. erm….this I cannot answer for you, my sweet.


    Just remember though, seriously, for as many hours as there are like this there are an equal number of really beautiful hours too….it really balances out (if I’m walking it well….)

  2. Every day. Every day. This is my every *#&$%^ day. It’s the lack of being able to focus on anything for more than 3 minutes that drives me up the wall. Human brains weren’t made to deal with constant interruption. Luckily, you and me both have high patience thresholds. And alcohol exists.

  3. Yeah, that sounds like my house, too. Only instead of pocketknives, it’s toy cars. And gum.

    Also, the pets are a problem. As I’m typing this, I look to my right and see that the puppy has left a present on the floor.

    Some days it doesn’t pay to let them out of bed. Dogs, kids, husbands… 😀

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