A while ago I started this blog as this sort of anonymous, literary type and that ended up making me crazy to be honest. Little by little I’ve integrated more of who I am in this blog and it’s been good.

So, in light of that as I begin to get my next recording project underway I thought I’d take a page from Imogen Heap’s book and try to post updates on the project as it starts to unfold.

Ack. That scares me.

But ok, that’s one thought. Part of this is that I’m going to try to get my ReverbNation profile linked up and a micro player onto the blog…so bear with me…it’ll come as it does.

Right now, though, Miles is screaming in my ear as I type…so, more later on that I suppose.

In the meantime check me here for downloads on some tunes of mine…a few at least to start with…

Angela Doll Carlson


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