The Glass Factory

I love the idea of glass…how it goes from one substance to another.

I think about what I know about this process, which, I admit is not a lot but enough to get my brain going.

I love that it begins with sand.
I love that it takes heat to bring change.
I love that what comes of it is something fragile
something potentially transparent
something new.

And see? Life, like sand, can slip through my fingers…so to me the process of songwriting is the application of heat on life,
turning it into something fragile
and potentially transparent
and new.

So that’s why I’m calling this project The Glass Factory. The Factory is us, here…
Part of this factory, the mechanism is you, the listener and commenter.
Part is the technology I have to explore and put in place.
Part of it is the talent of my friends who have agreed to help me out on this in person, in real life.

(Don’t worry…we’ll be as “green” a Factory as we can, I promise. Believe me, I plan to recycle as much as I can here.)

that’s what I got today…


2 thoughts on “The Glass Factory

  1. ohhh, LOVE ‘The Glass Factory’! Jim’s glass work reminds him very much of our journey as Christ followers. Let us know if you’re ever up in the Ohio area and have time to come to Columbus to the glass studio where he works 🙂

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