in the garden…

As a personal trainer I have been programmed, at least it feels in part, to think of the body as a machine. Just as I always considered my spiritual life a “house” I was building…my body was like my “car” I guess. I’m responsible for changing the air filter and the oil and keeping it clean. It all fits, right?

Put that together with the house that my spiritual life has become. I park my car in the garage of this house. The car doesn’t even LIVE in the house. You see how this is? Do you see this picture in your head? What does that feel like to you? To me, it’s so disjointed. So wrong. That my body would be so isolated from my spiritual life…I mean, sheltered by the house, of course but outside the LIVING of it! Wow. It’s overwhelming how wrong this feels to me.


Let’s move from this picture. Let’s move to another picture. Our bodies are NOT a car, they are NOT a machine. They are a living, growing, changing organism. They are organic in nature…like our spiritual lives. Our bodies are a GARDEN. We tend it. If something dies we mourn it. If it’s sick we nurse it back to health. It’s a part of us. We do not leave it in the garage at night. We ARE our bodies and our bodies are US. We ARE the garden…each of us.

Now, move this piece in. This tree of our spiritual lives is planted right in the center of that garden. It is a part of the garden. The centerpiece. Maybe it’s a young spruce. Maybe it’s a fine, strong oak. See it there in the center of you, the center of the garden of you. It informs everything that happens in that garden. It’s roots reach deep down into you and it’s branches reach up BEYOND you…into the air and the sky and the clouds…into the very heavens above, yes?

Put this picture place of the mechanized, unfeeling and unmoving one that the world has supplied in years past and be the garden today…water that garden, feed that tree, swing from it’s branches and delight in the miracle that is YOU.

live here.


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