red shoes…

I wonder if the girl who put on the Red Shoes in the story by Hans Christian Anderson actually did know what she was getting into and chose the shoes anyway.

Sometimes I feel like that dancer…choosing the shoes that keep her on her toes until her feet bleed and knowing I’m unable to take off those shoes.

I know this is dark. Don’t worry, there’s light here too.

I’ve been working on a few new projects lately and I’m filled with inspiration for them. I feel so overflowing with the inspiration that I’m lamenting that I have only the time before me. I wish I could clone myself.

What’s weird is that when I’m busy and I LOVE to be busy like this, I actually feel the most capable of being parent and homeschool mom as well. I crank out the school work with the kids when I’m cranking out my creative endeavors too. I am more willing to jump in the car and go to the zoo or the museum. I feel energized by it all even as I feel overwhelmed and just plain tuckered out.

So that led me to thinking about those wicked red shoes and I wonder if maybe that dancer did have moments where she would not have chosen otherwise even as she danced.

just a thought. that’s what I got today.


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