global warming…

I’m working on that recycling problem I have…that problem being that I fell off the “recycle” wagon a while ago. I’m working on becoming more mindful, though, of how I live on this planet, my impact on even just this immediate field of green in my backyard. I had a discussion with someone today about Global Warming and he said the best thing, “I don’t care whether someone believes in global warming or not…it’s not about the cause or even the effect. It’s about taking care of the planet.”

And I love this. And I think he’s right on there.

You see, here’s the thing. We live here. Our children live here. We hope our grandchildren and loads of generations of future children will live here and what sort of “living” will they do? What will the planet be like in 10 years? 50 years? 100 years?

We tend to be a short sighted people, we humans. We are prideful and arrogant at times. We don’t spend enough time thinking ahead and we take little notice of our present. The planet is not disposable. It was built for regeneration AND it was built for people to live according to it’s rules as it regenerates. It was not designed for materials which do not break down over time…for man made toxins…for war…for strip mining…for wasting of resources. It was built with a sort of inhabitant in mind who knows the value of stewardship. Lucky for us, stewardship can be learned. Unlucky for us, we are slow learners.

So maybe the “green movement” or the “global warming” accounts are inflated, maybe not. Perhaps they are designed to scare us into behaving more appropriately, perhaps not. The point is this: We should not HAVE to be frightened into doing the right thing and the right thing is to pay attention, to take care and to behave as if this is the only planet we have on which to live. This isn’t a liberal or conservative issue…it’s a human issue and it belongs to us all.


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