shouldering it well…

So, here’s a conversation I’ve been involved in somewhat recently:

I’m picking up something heavy and a friend grabs for the other side to help.

me: “Oh, no worries, I’m fine. I can get it myself.”
friend: “I know, but you don’t have to…let me help.”

and so I did.

And it got me to thinking about what was going on for me in that moment because honestly I could have gotten it, I would have gotten it…I would have struggled but I’d have been “fine.” Was my reluctance to take help offered at first something about being efficient or strong? Saving time, saving energy…divide and conquer? I dunno. Maybe.

When things are heavy so often we CAN handle it. We DO handle it and we come out the other side “fine.” Tired, beaten down but “fine.”

What it is in your life as you think on it that you insist on carrying alone even though there are hands there ready to help you shoulder it well?

Something to consider today….


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