dig deeper…

So much is like life, so much is metaphor if we decide to apply it as such. You know me, I can’t seem to help myself when I run across a situation that feels as though it applies to a broader truth, I have to post it. It’s my inner exhibitionist getting it’s say.

I’d planted this one little flower bed near the corner of my back deck this spring mostly as an attempt to dress it up a little. It’s as close to “curb appeal” as we get out here as we try to sell the house. I took great pride when the sunflowers came up, when the rosemary thrived, when the little bunch of astilbe came to life and threatened a hostile takeover of the garden. There was this one spot, however. This one little spot in which nothing could take root.

Lavender was first to suffer it’s ills. I blamed it on the lavender. It’s finicky, I’m told. I put a small rosemary plant there next. It too yellowed and died. Next was a hibiscus of some kind or another. The flowers dropped almost immediately.

Each time I put something new in that spot I noticed the soil was a little mushy underneath, as if there was some space there, something deeper which required more digging to solve…but I didn’t go there.

I was busy, I was distracted. I had a pretty good little flower bed there, except for that spot. I was content with the status quo. It was good enough. It was adequate for my needs.

I didn’t dig deeper. I didn’t want to. I guess I still don’t.

I have a sense that it’s an animal burrow. I’d need to take some steps to root it out and fill it in and put in deterrents for the critter to reroute…but I just don’t want to do that…right now.

So now the spot is empty. Nothing lives in that spot.

What this brought to my mind was the inner picture of my own life. What do I have, deep inside me, that needs rooting out, exploration, filling in with good soil?

We all have these issues, these deep difficulties, we have yet to face. It is important to face them, I admit…it is more important, though, to choose our moment. Until I am no longer content to have that dead spot in my garden I simply will NOT do the work required to bring it back to health.

When that day comes I will dig deeper and I will both relish and loathe the work required. In the end, what flowers there will bring joy because I’ll know what it took to bring it into being.


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