too much, too soon…

At the risk of completely embarrassing myself I am going to post a song by my old band, Vertigo in Children (hello, 1987) recorded in our basement on Roscoe Avenue in Chicago. I dunno… I mean, the quality sucks, I’m horribly flat MOST of the time and I was a pack a day smoker back then (which accounts for the Brenda Vaccaro quality of my voice) but still…it’s like old family photos. It’s fun to take out and show once in a while.

Listen to it turned up loud. This is back in the days before digital. We recorded this puppy on a Tascam 4 track. gah.
Too Much Too Soon

Vertigo in Children
formed in Dayton, Ohio at Wright State University
Primary Band Members
Angela Doll: vocals
David Lane: keyboard/programming
Gregg Childress: guitar/bass

Additional bandmembers joined in 1987
Jackie Spencer: keyboards
Jill Armstrong: vocals


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