Teaching our Children well…

My 12 yr old would ask me if I didn’t let her watch an 18 minute speech in class from the President of the United States...I wonder what parents who object and keep their kids home will tell their kids if they ask.

“It’s not safe.”
“We’re protecting you”
“We don’t like this president”
“We’re afraid of what he will say to you”
“We’re afraid he wants you to think the way he thinks”
“We’re afraid he’ll turn you into a socialist”
“We disagree with the president on his policies so he isn’t fit to speak to you about staying in school.”


Really. What will people tell their children?


3 thoughts on “Teaching our Children well…

  1. I would have told my children…”we may not agree on everything, but he’s the President of our country…what an honor that he’s talking to you!”

  2. I am deeply, profoundly troubled by our leader and I honestly don’t know what to tell my kids. In the same way that high fructose corn syrup and Barney have always bothered me, He bothers me. I didn’t bother to interrupt either one of them from seeing it. The older one who could understand him probably didn’t see it in his charter school. The younger one is still working on sounding out words and piecing together 3 word sentences so she would not get anything other than his emotional impact and the impact of the reactions around her.

    Maybe that’s exactly what makes me uncomfortable. I feel the tension of fascism around him–a hero worship that approaches idol worship. Policy embodied in a persona. To make matters worse, his theology and his ideology are in different continents. In the past, I could see in our leadership good and bad and something of a take it as you see it mentality. They were human. That’s not the reaction I’m seeing today to this President, and the reaction on the other side is equally vehement. I’ve been taking a wait and see attitude, but I’m seeing real concerns from a policy standpoint. I am praying for him and our country.

    • I can appreciate your fears, Tricia. I absolutely disagree with you in pretty much every aspect of your fearfulness, however. I’m just not fearful of this president and I although I do not agree with some of his policies I do see some of the underlying groundwork of it. I’m sorry, I wish I could find one piece that hits me the same way it hits you but honestly I just do not see it. Continue to pray and I will do the same. We serve the same Creator and He is mighty.

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