freedom of choice…

I read a great article today about the link between reforming “big insurance” in this country and the effect that might have on “big food.”

I admit, I’m fairly “crunchy” especially where food is concerned. My kids will groan, even after all this time, about my resistance to buying anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. They plead with me to buy Mrs Butterworth’s instead of maple syrup. Their friends so often will eat pancakes here DRY instead of even trying the “healthy stuff.”
I don’t care. No skin off my nose. Honestly.

The argument against regulation of “big food” I heard today from a friend was that he didn’t want the government to tell him what he could and couldn’t eat. He wanted them to just give him the information and let him figure it out.

While I agree that “personal responsibility” is vital in all of this I disagree that the government should not care about what is in our best interest. Limiting the power that agribusiness currently wields in this country is not “restricting” us as people, it is looking after OUR best interest first, not the best interest of big business.

One argument I heard as well was that families just need to be responsible for educating their kids and exerting their influence on the next generation. AGREED…yes! Totally!
I educate my kids all day long, literally…I talk about good health, taking care of our bodies, eating the right fuel. I feed them the right fuel. I am doing my job.

So then, my kids go to a tutorial one day a week and they bring pocket money…you know what they buy? CANDY.
You know why?
It tastes really really really really good.

They don’t make the choice to confound me or rebel. I let them pick what they want with their pocket money. I don’t harp on them about it, I don’t demonize Reeses cups. They pick it because
1)it’s there
2)it tastes really really really really really good.

So, there you go, years of home education and they are still going to pick what tastes good and is available.

I’m not saying the government should outlaw candy, no way, no how. But if, like cigarettes we find that it’s toxic? Yes, there should be a limit of some kind.

When I was a kid I could buy cigarettes out of a machine and I did. I was 14. It was “illegal” but nobody noticed and so I did it. I did it because
1) it was available
2) I really really really liked the taste (now, not so much, blech…)

My point and I do have one…I do not automatically look at new legislation as “restricting my freedoms.” Maybe that’s why I’ll always be closer to Democrat than Republican in my views. I just choose first to look at how new legislation SERVES me rather than limits me. I’m not afraid of the government because even after 8 years of George W. Bush I STILL believe that the leadership of this country is us…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth…


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