A friend of mine made a joke at my expense today. It cut right through me.

You know, I think I must be maturing. I mean this in a good way, not in a “nice way to say getting OLD” sort of way. I mean to say that when he made that joke I realized what a hurtful thing that was for me. It bothered me because it was insensitive, because he’s known me an awfully long time and truthfully, he really ought to know better by now. The part about me maturing though is that I recognized that fact. Now, I didn’t take him to task for it and honestly I don’t intend to be rude or ignorant back to him. You see, I’ve known him an awfully long time as well and I know things are rough for him right now. It’s easy for me to offer grace and easy for me to remember that this is the way his sense of humor runs at times like this.

But here’s the thing…I realized today how often I make off-handed remarks to people, how often I say things without thinking, how often I say hurtful things couched as humor. Because I hope I’m maturing and not just getting overly sensitive as I increase in years I want to make this vow to stop making jokes at the expense of my friends. You know, I’d like to stop making jokes at the expense of people who are NOT my friends as a matter of fact….but sadly, I don’t know if I’ve matured that far yet.
I’ll get there. I want to get there.

This is, at least, a place to start.


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