on the road…

We’ve had a weird little couple of weeks here. Dave and I had just come to embrace the country life and wouldn’t you know it, someone called asking to lease our house…but only for a month. At first we said no, mainly because the price to lease for one month was not worth it to us and also because we only had a weeks notice to move out of our place.

So they came back with “well how much would make it worthwhile” and we came back with a number we both giggled about when we texted it to them.

Hey, surprise! They went for it. yikes.

So this is where we’ve been the last couple of weeks, getting the house fairly cleaned out of everything except the linens and our furniture, packing, making tentative plans for housing, going a little nuts in the process. We did it, though. We got it all together and moved it out of the country life….and into a Holiday Inn and then a few days later into an extended stay hotel.

How is it, you ask? It’s weird. I’m sure I’ll have more reflections from the road as we decide almost literally week to week where we’ll live, where we’ll eat, how we’ll function each day. So far, so…um, not exactly “good” but so so at least.

One thought I have today though is that each time we settle somewhere we set up our stuff…each kid takes a corner of wherever we are, even in the car in fact… lays out his or her “stuff.” Mind you, we didn’t bring all that much stuff…and yet, we set it up, we make our spot and that becomes “home” and it’s really OK.

3 more weeks to go now…will let you know how we walk it. 😉


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