dear rush limbaugh…

dear rush limbaugh

I feel I must speak to you Rush, not about you, not with you but to you so I’ve written you this post. I’m certain you get a lot of mail these days regarding your perspectives. I imagine you have always gotten your share of both “love” mail and “hate” mail. I’m thinking you’ve gotten quite a bit of “Haiti” mail now as well.

Brother, I feel I must tell you some great truths. You may not want to hear them from me or you may hear them and dismiss them as complete bullshit. That’s alright with me. For me, this letter is more about the writer than the receiver. I NEED this, Rush. I’m writing this letter for me.

I see upon you this great veneer…when I say great I actually mean thick, not awesome…sorry. Funny thing about this veneer. It’s fairly transparent. It’s a reptilian, translucent skin you wear. I see who hides underneath, Rush. Most of us who are able to dodge the emotional flamethrower you use can see who hides underneath.

Here is a great truth, Rush. We’re all as frightened as you are. I know you shiver under that cold skin. Shivering is our body’s way of raising our temperature so that we don’t die from cold but shivering isn’t enough to save us. We need to get warm to survive. You’re going to die from this coldness, Rush. You just are. You need to get warm.

When my kids have to get out of the tub they protest that it’s cold outside the warm water. They’re right, it is. Sadly, the water is getting colder all the time, soon, it’s not as comfortable as they remember, not as comforting. The air IS cold. The towel is warm.

I’m offering you a towel, Rush. Here’s the towel of truth. Love for people is not a sign of weakness. There is no real strength in hate. I think you already know this. I imagine you simply have no real idea of how to get from the tub to the towel without sacrificing something.

I’m going to tell you how to do it.
1)decide to exit the tub, that water is getting colder all the time.
2)run like hell to that warm towel
3)dry off, warm up, be a clean version of you.

Now, I have thoughts on what comprises that metaphorical “towel” Rush, of course I do. I’m not a religious zealot but I am a Christian so in my faith narrative I’d say you need you some Jesus, real bad. Jesus is not holding the towel, Jesus IS the towel Rush and He’s waiting for you.

Rejoin the ranks of the human race by putting aside the rhetoric and the hate and the loud mouth strong arm that has no real strength at all and run, don’t walk, RUN like hell toward where the love and warmth resides.

Sadly the unveiled, unveneered, kinder, gentler Rush really cannot live on the same planet as the loudmouth hater Rush. One must go. I hope you choose well. Alright, I’ll say it, Rush. Choose the good. Choose the best version of you. I know it’s in there. It has to be, Jesus assures me we all have this in us and He’s a source I trust.

sincerely (really really sincerely)
Mrs Metaphor


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