roller coaster…

ruh, roh.
My daughter is on the roller coaster of hormones we call puberty.
It’s…not as fun or as deeply spiritual a roller coaster as I had thought.
There are lots of tunnels and high peaks. So there’s that.

It’s bumpy. I guess I knew it would be…maybe I thought I’d be better at handling the bumps. Yes, yes. I did think I’d be better at handling the bumps. Damn I hate when I’m wrong.

I used to work on a roller coaster. Not metaphorically, like I am now…I mean in real life…in high school…in Ohio. I worked on a “stand up” coaster called the King Cobra at King’s Island. The park is still there. The coaster is gone. It was steel, not wood. It was a smooth ride. It was exhilerating, wind in my face, going so fast I felt like I could fly if only I could break loose of the restraints. I felt safe though all strapped in there. It held tight. It was a good feeling. It was a good time in my life.

There was another coaster at the park called “The Racer.” It was, I think, one of the original coasters at King’s Island. It’s still there. It’s still popular. It’s a wooden coaster. I’ve ridden The Racer. It’s bumpy. I felt like my teeth were going to pop out of my head while I rode it. Perhaps it was because I worked on The Cobra that I disliked that coaster. Probably. Truth be told in retrospect there were moments I liked whilst riding The Racer.

I thought the Cobra would outlast the The Racer…but some things stand the test of time and some do not.

I thought that my parenting through Riley’s puberty would be The Cobra…but it’s The Racer. It’s bumpy.

I hope the metaphor holds and we all survive the test of time….and keep our teeth in our heads.


3 thoughts on “roller coaster…

  1. I am so there with you. We are on the hormone highway in a truck with three wheels instead of four at times. I don’t remember being teenager so hard or so much work when I went through it. I guess the passage of time takes the edge off our memories, which allows us to be ‘suvivors’ of our teen years and makes us forget so we will have our own kids.

  2. I’ve been “riding the storm” for quite a few years now. Aubrey – 19, Laura – 17 and Sarah 14. I have been viewing it as “riding the storm”, being a stable and strong foundation for my girls as we weather this season of life. Reading your blog I like your idea of the roller coaster. I picture my role as being the safety bar that holds them in throughout the bumpy, twisting, curving roller coaster ride. Keeping them safe through the ups and downs.

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