tell and show…

I’m not controversial.
I’m not Fox News worthy.

For me, the point of “blogging” has never been gaining audience. It’s a tired old story of mine, however, this struggle to know what to do with all the stuff in my head. Mrs Metaphor is a great mind dump.

If once, only even once, you read something I write and say to yourself, “She’s right. I never thought of it that way.” That’s pretty awesome. If you read something and consider it pure folly. Well, that’s fairly alright with me too.

The real point of writing is the writing. The doing. The being. That is the reason I write.

The real point of putting it into the world is the connection. The moment when words travel from one mind to another and make a home. That is the reason I show it around.


1 thought on “tell and show…

  1. I am controversial, but only in a reactionary capacity. without something to react to i merely enact my thoughts. I like if when people read my blog, particlularly if they comment on my creative writing, but i’m learning to mind when they don’t. I don’t feel the need to pimp my blog posts everywhere, and over tweet them (once will do really.)

    I write because I react to what I have written. In my head they are merely thoughts, on paper/blog they are comments I react to. I can argue the toss with myself, see what the hidden messages are (and they always are!)

    If someone else gets something from that, awesome. if not then at least i do.

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