I am deeply saddened at the turn taken by the health care reform movement. Truly. What started out as a grand vision to care for the people of our country quickly dissipated into rhetoric and fear mongering and back room politic-ing and “us vs them.” The chance of real reform now seems so unattainable.

I fully admit that I’m all about the ” massive corporation as evildoer” conspiracy theory, I fully admit it. And yet…here’s where I am right now on all of this. I believe that this is an industry that desperately needs to be reformed. I believe AS A PEOPLE we have got to want, at least the majority of us have GOT TO WANT to reign in the Big Insurance industry and frankly, judging from the election results in Massachusetts…I dunno, I just have to wonder if that’s the mind of the people.

This is what makes me sad. I can blame the politicians and the industry and the media but in the end this is still our responsibility as a people. If the majority of people in this country voted for Barack Obama (and they DID) then that is the mind of the majority of the people. If health care reform is voted down it won’t be defeated by big business or back room politics. If it’s voted down it’s because we, as a people either didn’t speak to what we really wanted and/or because we did.

I just have to accept that the country I belong to is one in which the majority of voters simply do not want this bill…and perhaps do not want any bill to reform health care. I am not sure what the other explanation can be. I have to honor the mind of the voters. They spoke their need in Massachusetts, just as the majority of voters (myself included)spoke their desire for Barack Obama as president. I do not regret my choice. I live it. This is where we are and I don’t expect President Obama to walk on water. I embrace fully his humanity and his very human capacity to err.

I just realize today that the mind of the country, where health care reform is concerned is not in line with my mind, just as the country’s mind on going to war in Iraq was not my mind. I am out of step with my country. It’s not a angry realization on my part. It’s not me being sour grapes, truly it isn’t. It’s me being disappointed. I am disappointed that the whole system is such that we treat our political affiliations as we treat our sports team preferences. We sit in the stands and point our big foam finger in the air when we win and boo and hiss when we lose. We’re fans instead of stewards and this travels across all “parties.” I find this sad and yes, I am disappointed. I truly am.


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  1. The National Health Service has done me proud… I could have insurance too, to make things happen faster or give me access to treatments the NHS doesn’t cover but my knee has been crook since I was 8 years old so it seems pointless, bearing in mind that I can’t actually insure the bit that is most likely to need treatment..! I feel for you, it seems completely incomprehensible to us Brits that something that seem so right and normal to us, the idea of free health care, even for the basic things, has caused such a shit storm for you guys. I remember having a horrendous bleed in California and sitting on the loo in our hotel in tears because I was afraid I might need a D&C… and that we might need to take out a second mortgage to cover it! It was so scary. I really hope it all works out.



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