Radical Thought: Practice Kindness

It’s been a while since I set a challenge for us…and I do say “us” because when I post these things it’s a public reminder of how I’d LIKE to be…not a presentation of how I am already.

Kindness cannot be stored up easily. Kindness is flexibility training for the soul. It must be practiced. Every day. When we do NOT practice kindness we begin to forget that part of ourselves. We begin to misunderstand and mistrust when we see it coming our way from someone else.

Move this soul muscle and do it each day. Take the time to stop, consider the person in front of you no matter what your history or your lack of history and be kind. It’s a risk. It may not be returned to you. It may be met with misunderstanding and mistrust. I think that’s alright. This is not a bartering, it is a gifting. In the end I promise we’ll all find that we have little to LOSE from being kind. Stretch this muscle and gain the flexibility you need to usher in kindness.


4 thoughts on “Radical Thought: Practice Kindness

  1. I think most people today miss the fleeting moments offered them to practice kindness. It can be as simple as a smile to someone on the street or a kind word to a stranger. It makes you feel good to be a ‘kindness junkie’. IMHO I think it all comes down to teaching our children to be kind & sensitive.

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