yes I’m going to rant and no you cannot stop me.

I got into a serious discussion the other day about a joke. Quite a number of people thought the joke was funny or at the very least clever but I did not. I thought it was cruel.

I’ve posted here before about sarcasm and how it cuts…how I’m working toward curbing my own sarcastic tendencies. Listen, do NOT get me wrong, sarcasm done well is genius, honestly. I’m merely pointing out that as a practice in daily life it’s not a terribly direct way to communicate. I mean, isn’t the very definition of integrity to say what you mean and mean what you say? If that’s so then sarcasm is actually the OPPOSITE…yes?

Ok, back to the joke which many people said was funny and I thought was offensive. Of course politics were the background, what else? I will not relate the joke in totality because I don’t want my friend to be called out and frankly I just don’t think it’s funny. I don’t think it’s worth the repeat.

What I will say is that the punch line included a tongue in cheek prayer to God to hurry along President Obama to the pearly gates and I found that offensive. I read the punch line as a wish for his death. Others disagreed, said I was not getting the joke (they were right) and that it was funny.

Others said it was a way to blow off steam in troubling times or release the pressure of a heated year in politics. Honestly though…is that what we do? Do we wish for death to those we disagree with? Do we joke about the passing of life? Ok, yes…I do take things seriously, I do take WORDS seriously. I believe words to be powerful. I believe in letting my yea be my yea and my nay be my nay. This is true of me, I admit it.

I do not see myself as being without humor, at least I hope not. I doubt I’d have any friends at all if I was the stick in the mud I perhaps appear to be after the above rant. Ah well…if that’s the chance I take every time I speak my mind I’ll take it and often, thanks.


2 thoughts on “rant…

  1. I’m one of those people who “judged” her, but because we kept communicating with honor and respect, I found a new found friend. One, who likes me, who isn’t afraid to speak up when everyone else is silent. If for no other reason that is why I am thankful to have connected with her and have the privilege of being able to read her blogs!

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